Woke up Early…

Yes..I am awake and ready to start my day…got a few loose ends to tie up before my big day tomorrow..finished four more dolls last night…another Snowflake cause Gail wanted the other one..a fairy..Miss Sunflower…and another redhead..image




image…I think I have enough made ahead til I see if my girls are going Sale..I know I have at least one sold for tomorrow…Ruthie Reader..and that’s a mighty good sign and start…that would be half my entry fee and booth rental…soooo that’s a good thing…
Short story…as I was sitting in the parking lot at the Pig waiting for my neighbor..I looked over across the street and look what I saw…image

image..do you see a chicken..how cool is that?..
I also had a short trip planned to see the Raleigh Family Monday with Gail but I forgot it was the Third and that’s a Daddy Day…it’s his payday and some things are written in stone..haven’t told Gail yet…tell her today…I know I will get a lot of flack from them…but they aren’t in Jack n the Box and they just don’t seem to understand..Daddy’s routine and I am sticking with it…Sorry…there’s always a next time…
Unless they quit asking..LOL!
We have lots of Birthdays this month..including mine…sixty four…this year…what’s in a number..right…a whole lot of life lived and hope more to come…
As good as them has been…
Oh..my Moon Lilies have been showing off..at least ten a night to bloom…image

imageAnd by the way..did anyone see that magnifacent Moon last night…awesomeness…
I am throwing this pic in for a laugh today…my just Ben with a new do…that would be a NO from his mama…image
That’s all I got…sending you a fast Friday to get your weekend started…


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