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Another Adventure…

PeCaPeCa….going to see the Raleigh Crew…Gail n Olivia are going to see that wonderful Stylist we call our Megster…and Amy L…..then we are coming Home tomorrow..just a short visit..and No we are not going to the lake..that’s for Meg’s benefit …got text all weekend and Gail seems not to answer with her response …there is nothing before N and nothing in between No and nothing after O..do you not understand the words coming out of my mouth…LOL!…now watch..when I get to Gail’s she will have changed her mind…LOL!…
Did some hair myself yesterday…fourteen rods of it…it usually takes three rods a piece for a large doll head…and one n half on small…so I ought to be good for a few days…Santa is fixing me a display rack ..so I can have some visual as you walk by my booth instead of flat on the table cause I noticed the sitting ones went first.. So I will have sitting and hanging ones…
Just the other week..I was telling Santa of some guns Tom has that mom gave him and I was so tired of moving them when I use to help Amy rearrange the Home…they have been behind the TV or table at least twenty years..WELL…Tom N Amy have been busy for the last few days Cleaning n Decorating…and to my surprize…look at this…
imageSTINKEN CUTE!!!! Idea..
All is Well in the Jack n the Box…that’s all I got…sending you that Super Monday and another week started…imageScreamin’Peacock..image


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