PeCaPeCa,getting ready for my day and my girls are packed and ready to be someone’s friend…childhood memory or just some fun..Amy L. Came up with an idea…if you buy a doll or already have…please send me a pic where she ended up or may have traveled..I will post the pic on the blog…that would be pretty email is
My Lineup for today…
Surfer Sandie..12.50image
Cotton Candy..12.50image
Delightful Sue..12.50image
Trixie..10.00imageshe is third on the right…
I may have some of the names mixed up cause I am trying to do by memory and you all know how that goes at this age..but they are bagged n tagged..with the right price n name…and of course you can change any name….it’s all in how the doll speaks to each individual..hope I see some of you out n about at the Farmers Market..Amy L. May join me for a short visit…sending you a Soulful Saturday…👍’s up to the crazies…Screamin’Peacock…image


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