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Beautiful Sunday Morn’…

PeCaPeCa…Yes..I finally slept in til seven and it was wonderful…I was tired…after my day at the Market..
I had forgotten how the public could ask some pretty crazy questions about your craft…the best one was…What are these?..Really?..I smiled and said …Dolls..she just walked off…and of course I had the other vendors saying I was not asking enough for my stuff..my thought but not my reply was…is that why you still have the same stuff every week?…I just want to sell my girls…make a few dollars and most of all…Make you Smile..my purpose..
And a vent or that has been there awhile gave me a bag of Hats for my dolls..Awesome…tried to pay her but she said..just passing along craft stuff that was passed to her…cost her nothing so why should it cost me…how kool was that…
It was kinda slow yesterday and the down pour of rain didn’t help..I sold six dozen eggs..now there is a story..one lady said..please don’t think I’m crazy for asking but what do you do with your Hens after they stop laying…are they pets or do you kill?…Well..they are my sisters chickens..Pets mostly.. And if they quit laying…she would kill Papa Bear before eating one of her chickens…the lady bought three dozen…too funny….the lady had already passed up three other people that were selling eggs cause they gave the wrong answer…
And I sold one doll..Delila..and I know she went to the right little girl…the little girl told me Delila was speaking to her and she had to have her..my heart just soared…i told the little girl my story about Delila..her eyes got great big and said..I know..I got it when I saw her..I got Chills..I even did what Amy L. Suggested about my email..the girls mother thought that was a fun idea and they would participate…and that my Peeps is worth all the dollars I could possibly get..God is Present and Good…
It was a good day….Oh..Goodegg came and bought me my new phone..NICE!..thanx Amy L. And Goodegg..I even cooked supper for him so he wouldn’t have to spend his dollars on us…LOL!i think he really appreciated it…we had ice cream cones for dessert…
Today..I am just relaxing and reflecting on myself…thinking of my next doll..that speaks to me..LOL..Sausage is frying for the guys and dog hair is floating among us…my Bear is half bald and still shedding…Geee’s…
That’s all I got…sending you a relaxing reflecting kinda Sunday..


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