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New Creation..

PeCaPeCa…took some pics of the front porch to compare from the others earlier…you can’t even see off the porch now…Daddy says he loves it but hates it also cause he can’t see what’s going on..and I thought he was legally blind?…too funny..image

image..Awesome to me..
This was about a month ago..image
Well..I came up with a New Creation…a Mobile…do you think I may have a sell for this?..I just got a cute from Amy L..No..Stinken Cute so I have my doubts…
imageimageimage..at least it hangs even without any fuss…lol
Wishing my Jonboy and Jen a Happy Anniversary…to great parents of my awesome grand babies…Happy Aday…image
Going to be busy today with Doc Appointments for Daddy..one this morning and one this afternoon..I hate those afternoon ones..but you got to take the bad with the good so you will know what good feels like so daddy says…and you know he’s always right…another lol moment…
That’s all I got…sending you a marvelous Tuesday…imageimageP.S. I forgot I got a surprize package in the mail from Amanda n Just Ben…GLITTER BABY…imageNow who doesn’t like Glitter..


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