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Yes…It Is…

PeCaPeCa…Yes…it’s that day we all know and love….HUMP DAY…soo Happy Hump Day🐪🐫🐪🐫.whether it be a two Humper or a one..live it to its fullest…
It was an all day Daddy Day yesterday…first it to get his ProTime checked..it was over the top then he saw Jen for what was ailing him..no clue so Deborah took it in her own hands cause my mama taught me well bout doctoring ..I checked his meds that I just got and yep…they gave him the wrong pill…so off to Realo I went..new girl and a big mistake…so now maybe he will get back to norm..then it was off to the skin doc…now this doc comes in loaded with his gun…he carries it around like a six shooter…no questions just starts shooting or burning..really…he had eight spots burned off and ask Daddy if there was some hidden worries..Daddys reply if there is well wait til next time…Too Funny..this Doc is really good at his profession..I like him..I like him a lot…
Supper was leftovers cause we were running late after the docs..then I started a new doll…finishing today if I can decide what kinda hair..that’s where I left off…the hair has not yet spoke to me for her…
Getting ready for bed I got the strangest phone call…it was a three way..Capitol One and some customer…she had charges of around hundred bucks on her bank statement from a taytays..I told her not me..we don’t have a store or anything else for that matter..somebody has messed up somewhere..that’s just odd…I told her it was a blog and the only thing I did was sell for cash at Farmers Market..no account here..thanked me and hung up…so if anybody out there get some charges it ain’t me…
I went to Sally Store yesterday for a few minutes of Deb time and found some craft stuff..spent a dollar and nineteen cents..cool stuff..wooden tags and a scarf for a dress for my dolls…
And my just Ben didn’t give me good revenues on my mobile either..
image..oh well..all can’t be winners for some of my critics…
That’s all I got …sending you a Happy Hump Day…image
Screamin’PeacockimageGod is Love


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