PeCaPeCa..The only one that can Stop Me is Me….I am out of control with the dolls..I made three yesterday and finished off one so that is four dolls and I got a huge pile of the bed…lets just say about sixty..I need to sell…sell…sell…But..look how awesome they are..image






image…there’s Mr.Hal..Mrs.Ween..queen Ruby…latisha…and I fix the mobile alittle..image..couldn’t get rid of all the stars cause that was one of the reasons I made it..we all try to reach for the stars…I did change out the hangie things to wire…Well..My Just’s that?
Today I will be Baggin’and and Taggin’…No..Making..
Ok..Bobby n Sue..remember them..Daddys Birds…no babies..the one that was born died and the rest of the eggs are not they will be flushed and start over…Gail brought us a new cage and fresh stuff for them..I will be transferring Sunday..I want to give the eggs a few more days…just can’t throw them out til I am absolutely sure…no babies…Oh and they ate the dead one and its shell…
New deal in my Egg Selling…Three Dollars a dozen or Dozen n half for four…Gail brought me a crap load of eggs…
That’s all I got…sending you a Terrific Thursday…image…Screamin”Peacockimage


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