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Peaceful Sunday Morn’…

PeCaPeCa…up kinda early..nature was calling and couldn’t fight the feeling any longer..you know how us older folk are?..and if you don’t you will…LOL,..it is sooo nice outside this morning…all things are quiet and beautiful..the Moon Lilies are showing off..
Well..another Farmers Market Day down and I sold two dolls and seven n half dozen eggs…things are picking up…my dolls are getting a lot of lookie lookies..and most of all Smiles…when they notice them walking by…and that’s what I like to see…those Smiles..a man and his wife stopped by..they live here in New Bern but we’re from New Orleans…there question…Are these VooDo dolls?…my answer..if that’s what you see then maybe…they touched and talked to everyone of them…to my surprize..the man is the collector..he’s says he’s going to start him a collection..one a week…and that’s OK with me…he’s going to put them in a shadow box…goes to show..you never know…they were a super nice couple..we talked and laughed for about thirty minutes..they told me I was very imaginative and talented…well you know I just Beamed…
The lady that bought Sunflower was also a hoot…she wanted two more but didn’t have the cash with her but ask if I would save those two for her…My answer…Sure…she will be back next Saturday for them..they are for her sisters…she overpaid for Sunflower..she said I was deserving for the extra…how kool was that..another sweet Lady stopped to admire and said…so many personalities showing here and all from you..Hmmm!…that was funny to me cause my Family says the same thing when I was making creature critters.so I would say..Screamin’Peacock Dolls are on there way of their purpose…SMILES of Happiness…and dollars ain’t bad either..LOL!
And everyone likes the idea of sending me a pic of where the dolls end or travel..I’m excited…I would like to Thank all my Family n Friends for the support..on my new adventure…
Got to make the dolls…
A big Thank you for all the Egg buyers…one lady went Home and cooked her some up and came back…to say..Awesome Eggs and she would be a here every Saturday for some eggs…and she said I even took a pic cause I got a double yoker..too funny..and a Thank You to Lou for posting a comment on Facebook of her egg buying…I got some great Peeps…so blessed..
Oh…one more story…a young boy wanted MrMoJo..but his Dad and Mom wouldn’t buy it for him..I was sad for him and he was sad also..they ended up buying him a crochet skull from the girl next to me..Boys don’t play with dolls they said..but the dad was the one that pointed it out to the boy…Really?..don’t get it…Oh Well..
That’s all I got…sending you a Super Peaceful God Day…imageScreamin’Peacock


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