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It’s that Important Day again…

PeCaPeCa…Yes..it’s Monday again..if you were given this day to wake up…and so far..we are all up and at em’ here at the Jack n the Box…it’s going to be a buzy day for me…Lots of Laundry..Dog Hair..cleaning Home…Fresh Beds and Doll Making…Oh and Supper..
Got a couple of leftover pics from the Pig Party a few weeks ago..first one is of my Daddy and his brothers…image…Daddy..Addison and Foy…
Now this next pic..I was trying to hide Keith’s belly cause that’s what she wanted me to do..I still see it…LOL!…image..what ever a cuz asks..I try my best…
And for my Hunterman..last fling at the river before school starts with his friends…boys will be boys…good Luck guys for the new school year…image
And of course yesterday was filled with dolls..made three..
The littlest mermaid..the good witch and miss Bango..image


image…and today I will try and get at least one more made after I do my homework…Mr.Pump..
Halloween is not my favorite treat but I do love making the dolls..
And I hope somebody loves them enough to buy them…that would be a nice treat…
That’s all I got…sending you that special moment in your Monday given..imageScreamin’Peacock


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