PeCaPeCa…Yep..It’s Happy Hump Day again…on our way to the weekend…so far this week has been spectacular for me…Home clean..Dolls Made..Daddy’s up right and had outings.. PorchTime blessed I am here in the Jack n the Box…How bout you?..
Yes..I made Miss Kin to got with Mr.Pump..image

Stinken Cute…and I tried my best to make that wicked Witch but the good Witch came out of me ..just couldn’t..she turned out Awesome..if I say so myself… Dolls today..No Heads..going to work on my displays…Check next week..LOL!..
And there is some progress on My Just Ben and Amanda’s New Home..looking good…image
And finally has a Oakley Case for that collection of glasses..he’s been wanting something for awhile…image…kool..
That’s about all that’s going on in my world..sending you a Happy Hump Day…imageimageimage


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