Ride the Ride..

PeCaPeCa…Yep..It’s Happy Hump Day again…on our way to the weekend…so far this week has been spectacular for me…Home clean..Dolls Made..Daddy’s up right and had outings.. PorchTime given..so blessed I am here in the Jack n the Box…How bout you?..
Yes..I made Miss Kin to got with Mr.Pump..image

Stinken Cute…and I tried my best to make that wicked Witch but the good Witch came out of me ..just couldn’t..she turned out Awesome..if I say so myself…imageimage..no Dolls today..No Heads..going to work on my displays…Check next week..LOL!..
And there is some progress on My Just Ben and Amanda’s New Home..looking good…image
And finally has a Oakley Case for that collection of glasses..he’s been wanting something for awhile…image…kool..
That’s about all that’s going on in my world..sending you a Happy Hump Day…imageimageimage


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