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Crazy Good….

PeCaPeCa…yesterday was a Crazy Good Day for Crafting…I came up with two Cool ideas for the Halloween stuff…Let me know what you think..and remember pics doesn’t do it justice…

image..the dolls are not attached so you can buy them separately…thirty for dolls..forty with background…and also came up with idea for my hanging dolls…an old JonBoy making from when we use to go to the market..I am so excited bout Saturday..very hopeful for a good day…I am taking twenty six dolls this time..cause I think I may have two already sold to the Sunflower lady…fingers crossed..
And our Supper was a hit..baked chicken and all the trimmings..YUMMY!…and I was extra hungrey..
Today is going to be a lazy day…dollars are low..payday ain’t til next week so I’ve got to lay low on the shopping experience..my head is about to burst this morning for them dolls to get out..I have so many ideas for Christmas…gotta make the dolls…
Amy L. Says one day they are going to find me in a big lump cause all the personalities have finely made it out…LOL!..Crazy..👍
Can’t help myself..especially when someone hands me some PorchTime..LOL!
Daddys upright and shaving and wheeling around so that’s a good thing..Big Jean’ is on the Porch enjoying the sunrise..animals have been fed..cleaned up three spots of P from Roxie having my RV coffee..It’s all Crazy GOOD in the Jack n the Box…that’s all I got…sending you a Crazy Good Thursday…Screamin’Peacock..imageimage


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