Sister Crisis…

PeCaPeCa… Not your typical Monday..Iam off to go to Virgina with Gail to help out Paula..she had emercecey surgery yesterday..all is fine but aMaMas got to do what aMaMas got to do and I as a sister has to do also for a sister…the guys will be alone for a week..Please everyone..check on them for me..I worry for Daddy..
As for my Birthday…I had a rockin’ good day..loads of Bday wishes.. great lunch and a great day doing a Deb ER day…I thank everyone for everything said and done for Me…
I will be writing still every day as usual..and taking my crafting basket with’ to make the dolls..
That’s all I got…sending you a super Monday..👍’s up to the crazies..ScreaminPeacock..oh.. I had an extra surprize for my old friend stopped friend Amber..thank for the special treat…image


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