PeCaPeCa…well..we made it Paula’s Home..assessed the helping of a clean Home for her to come out of the hospital to and into our assigned chores..I found myself in the floor…screaming with pain….I slipped on some water on the floor from this stupid dish drainer Paula has and injured an old knee injury..OMG!!..not only does Gail have enough on her I am in the mix…I came to help her now I can’t do anything..she’s having to wait on is not Funny nor Fun…image..haven’t told Santa yet..waiting til I call him this morning..Gail has been a very good and painkillers…and she offered two dozen times to go to ER..I chose No..cause what they going to more than Nurse Gail…it ain’t broke..she’s twisted really bad and…I’ll survive…
Anyway…you know my JonBoy is talented well he building him a small boat..he got the motor first..brand new..traded his custom bike he built for the motor…now comes the boat… Cool..
And I have been working on some doll heads Gail gave me for my Bday..I am attempting to make sugarskulls dolls..image

At least I brought my crafting basket with me..
That’s all I got…sending you a Super Tuesday…👍’s up to the crazies…Screamin’Peacock..image


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