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Last Day..

PeCaPeCa….Gail has done a marvelous nursing job..my knee has gone down a lot and it only five minutes to get to the bathroom this morning..it’s by no means well but soooooooo much better..
She has really catered to her Deb er K and to her grandchildren and children…cooked some mighty fine suppers and cheese biscuits..kind a feels like I’m at Aunt Joyce’s…or at mamas…even Deneen and the boys came last night and spent some good time…we will be going home in the morning and then my work begins…I called Daddy yesterday to check on his doc appointments and he ask how I was and told me he had done the laundry for me…a lot of dots needed there………………….LOL!…I thanked him for helping out..
I have a great Family…
Have not concentrated on my dolls like we had planned…so no new ones for Saturday…except the ones I haven’t taken already..
That’s all I got…sending you a fast Thursday..imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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