Bumped My Head…

PeCaPeCa..Yes…I must have bumped my head..No..time change this weekend..April Fools..No..sorry to have panic you but I did get you thinking and that’s a good thing..I had a lot of those moments for the last couple days..LOL?..
And our Birthday Boy has turned into WHO?..Wow..looks just like him..he loves the book series and someone gave him the outfit..Too Cute…image
I decided to have a Deb er K Day yesterday..paid bills..and went to the Sally Store..and what a week can do..they have changed the whole store around..now I have to get me a new system so I can make my rounds faster..change is good sometimes…this knee is proof of that..I look at situations a lot differently now..soo..change can be good…for stopping and smelling the coffee or roses..
I did have time to make some dolls..finished one of the Day of the Dead and Miss Wish…started on the feather girl and the male day of the dead..
My JonBoy is coming today to stay a night or two..I’m so excited..haven’t seen him in a while nor the whole lil family..take what I can get…we are having cream of beef for supper..and maybe some PorchTime?…
Today is the first of a new month…September..another day or month to get it right…live it to its fullest in every way..you aren’t promised another day…
And they aren’t just words on an iPad..it’s Truth…
That’s all I got…sending you a great start of your new beginnings..image….Lets ride this ride…image


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