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Always a pleasure…

PeCaPeCa…I do love it when I get to spend some quiet time with my boys…I got to talk..love on him..feed him…laugh and yes..some PorchTime….Thanx..JonBoy for loving your MaMa…on his way to work and gone again..cherish all moments with my Boys..sent him Home with a bag of secrets for my Tay n Owen..
Well..I had a great first day of the month..got alittle outing..made four dolls…Miss Wish..Miss Ladybird and the day of the dead couple



image..pretty dang kool!…today I am going to be working on some stands for display..if they turn out pretty good they will be three dollars extra with the doll…if they turn out crappy..maybe a dollar…got to get something out of the materials …or peeps have option not to take at all…
Yesterday was also a good day for daddy…Buster and him took a ride to Salter Path..Buster is a good faithful friend..if there is one thing I can say for him..he always does what he puts his word on and to me is the greatest character you can have…cause daddy always told me…your word is your bond…like the old handshake..Thank You Buster for caring so much for my Daddy…
Also a Thank You to Mr.Ed for helping out with daddy..it’s so good to know he has all of these friends to help him out when I’m not around…even the BoJangles Employees watch out for him..
That’s all I got…sending you more great things in your given day..
imageLive the song written for you..


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