Daddy Day..

PeCaPeCa…well…it’s Daddys PayDay… and yes maybe the Pig and any where else he may want to go and’s his world today and I just live in it…LOL!
I worked hard yesterday…Fresh Beds…dog hair and doll stands…made seven and I must say..two dollars and fifty cents worth each…added to the doll if you want one..image

image…and I also heard from Megan Rose..she has her new Home..sparkling in the sun kissed morning for her deserving owner..image..she lives in Jacksonville N.C…thank you for sending me a pic of her new Home..hope she brings you good things..
Oh..I almost forgot my JonBoy brought us some fresh Shrimp..haven’t surprized the guys yet but tonight we shall have… Seafood Supper..
All the trimmings…
That’s all I got…sending you a thrilling Thursday…imageScreamin’Peacock


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