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Half way…

PeCaPeCa…Yes..it’s that day everybody gets excited about…Happy Hump Day..get over this day and it’s all down hill for the weekend to start…of course us retired peeps…Hump Day everyday..we don’t care…you’ll see one day..hats off to the worker bees…
Well..my sister Gail out did herself with a Daddy afternoon..she took Daddy on a Wally World trip and found out what that is all about…FUN with Daddy…he had the best time…as I was sitting in my corner making dolls..he gave me a blow by blow description of every step they took…about an hour of one sided conversation..he laughed..told me all that they saw and picked up…Gail..I hope you enjoyed that as much as he did…Thanx for his Joy…and also took him to lunch..that’s the perkiest I have seen him in awhile..
Speaking of dolls..made two..started another..need a name for this one…image

And my witch is called Ayesha..image

image..What you think…my peeps…?
It was just an all around good day for the Jack n the Box..lets see what Hump Day will bring…
And I also got a treat yesterday..my Amy L. called and we talked bout an hour..Oh how I have missed my Amy L….Life is alittle heavy for my sister..but we managed to laugh ..and that’s good medicine right there…Laughter…Goodegg and her took a short day trip this weekend..they have decided to take a drive to all the close by towns and see what they have to offer…this past weekend it was Pittsboro and she sent me this pic of a building someone had done out of glass and mirrors..she knows I love that kinda stuff…awesome Art…

image..Goodegg even said I could do that to his house..LOL!
That’s all I got…sending out a Happy 🐪🐫 day to you all…imageScreamin’Peacockimage..his light shines bright


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