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My Peeps Rock…

PeCaPeCa…well my peeps out did themselves on names…Thanx..some I used and some are stored in my head..Glenda Gifter…image
And the Dutchess…image
And the Nut Family..needs a bow and Gail says she can do that..
image…thanx everyone..I just love it when you make it happen…
dont know how many of you that read are from my sweet town but we had a LOUD thunder lightening and Lots of rain yesterday..it was Awesome…sat on the Porch and enjoyed…love a Storm..
Not much else going on today..Daddy has an appointment at two..regular check..no biggie..I hate those late afternoon appointments..I wasn’t here when it was made so I got to suck it up and deal…I’m going to work on some stands today..they seem to work really well..still have eggs for two dollars a dozen..come get you some..while the sale is on…
That’s all I got..sending you a Thrilling Thursday…imageScreamin”Peacock


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