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Live your Song that is written…

PeCaPeCa…where do I start…yesterday was a grand poopa of a day for Deb-ER-K…sold eleven dozens eggs…all of Daddys grapes and three dolls..Wow..Wow..Wow..
StoryTime…we had two authors in our mist yesterday and of course..I don’t happen to be a reader so..I didn’t know who they were..but it was nice to have fresh blood at the market..anyway..about an hour before they were going to leave..the dark haired raven ask..how much is that doll..which was Victoria the witch..she said she had been talking to her since she set up..she has to be mine…and I agreed cause Victoria had that women’s Ora..perfect match…she sat her on her table immediately..I was so Happy…I do believe my dolls pic there owners…she said that feather kept waving to her..imageimage..
And now I just guess that Mr.Dead is a whoredog cause he can’t keep a wife..he has had two..now I have to make him a third..image

image…nobody seems to want to buy them as a pair..JonBoy says he’s Gay…maybe I should make him a partner instead..LOL!..
And Sweet Miss Treat went to a long time friend..Mary..for her grandkids..she said one of them will try to eat the tootsie rolls..I told her I already did..they are fake..LOL!..image..it was a good day for my Screamin’Peacock dolls…I was able to save me some dollars in the nest..
I thank everyone for their support..in comments and dollars..and a special thank you to Santa for helping me out on this adventure..with a bad knee and taking care of daddy and the Jack n the Box PopUps..
I wish to make a public apology to my sister Gail…can I get a Makeup Point or an I owe you valture..I know everything turned out beautifully without me..
Today has no plan…just takin’it as it ticks by..that’s all I got..sending you a fantastic Sunday given..imageimage


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