Successful Monday…

PeCaPeCa…I managed to get every thing I wanted to do and some were added that was not on my list…Successful Monday…even took Daddy on alittle outing and that’s what I call a good day..
Finished another doll and started another..need a name for her also..image

Today is Laundry Day..and a short outing..I need some more craft materials ..
My Just Ben sent me a pic of a vintage AirStream and this would be my Dream Kitchen in any Home or RV..Awesomeness….image


image..I still long for the RV Life..if you haven’t tried must..
It’s Freeing…you find you really don’t need a lot of crap hanging stuffed or sittin around and Clothes…LOL!
Looks like we will have Grapes n Eggs again Saturday at the Market..
And if Gail gets her crap together I may have some of her Quilted Runners and stuff..nice addition to the table…
That’s all I got….sending you a super day..Oh..I Fried Chicken for Santa last night..he ate til I thought he would POP!!


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