It’s That Day

PeCaPeCa…Yes it’s that day we all love…FRIDAY…and of course..I am looking forward to tomorrow…
Well..I think Mr.Dead and Ms.Day are friend Kelly wants them for her friend..I haven’t told her how much..LOL!..but she won’t mind the price..cause the happiness for her friend is PRICELESS..
I started on a new to get more styro balls..she’s going to be all Black n White..can’t wait to finish her..
And I have already sold eggs before I even get there tomorrow..she put her order in last night…come get them Eggs while they are two bucks a dozen…cause next week they will be three bucks…
Update on my knee…it is soooo much better…still wearing the packs..and elevation…it’s not going to be normal anymore but at least I can walk..with a pop…
Todays adventure will be Sally Store..the Farm for more fresh eggs and the Pig…
And that’s all I got…sending you that super Friday you are given..imageScreamin’Peacock..image


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