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I was allowed…

PeCaPeCa…Yesterday was like the Best day ever….Santa and I went on the Big Wally World trip and got whatever we wanted…I got some new shoes and face cream…And LOTS of groceries…

It was an awesome trip and then we decided to go see my new friend that invited me to see and get some Peacock feathers…well I thought it was going to be a quick trip..see a few peacocks live and pick up my feathers…Oh Know…God allowed me to go to Peacock Haven…it turned into a two hour tour…these peeps has got their on little piece of Haven over there…BIRDS…BIRDS..DUCKS..PHEASANTS…FISH and a whole lot more…it was Amazing..and I do say I got me some Feathers…I never new there were so many colors of a Peacock species.there were white ones..purple ones..gold ones..tan ones …blue ones..and they all were awesome..image image image..Thank You Barb and Dan for a awesome spot in my day…truly blessed…

and today I am going to see my friend Kelly….taking a ride to Jacksonville as promised at least two years ago…finally going to do it…come rain snow sleet or the dark of night…I am going…LOL!…so here I come …Kelly…ready or not…it’s just a day trip but I am ready…

Short story…remember I told you Bear and the worm chew there hair out and it’s been going on for years well five years for Bear..have taken them to Vet..homemade spray remedies..lots of dollars on sprays and creams..well..I have had it up to here…I took the bathroom Clorox spray and sprayed them..I say if Clorox can kill the aides virus it ought to kill this crap..and it has helped tremendous…everytime I see them scratch or chew I spray …two dollars is what the spray cost and it is working..yes it stings alittle but at least they are not chewing…so if you have this problem..get any bottle of bathroom spray with clorax in it and go to town spraying…just puttin that out there…

the Wheelie is on the move..so that’s my Q to do…that’s all I got…sending you a terrific Tuesday



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