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PeCaPeCa…another fantastic day ..yesterday…the rain stayed at bay on my trip to Jacksonville to see my friend Kelly…and come to find out..I have an illameter..never knew this about myself but Kelly says I do…cause she was feeling it when we started on our venture..so she ask what level is it..I said about a three cause you never know directions and I am driving in unknown territory with lots of traffic..and PorchTime…a ten would be out of control…LOL!…so three not so bad…too funny…first stop …Food…and she scored on this little cafe…the memories of the Corner grill came flooding back…the food was just like Daddys…I was telling the hostess about my life alittle and I couldn’t quite get the right word for my reputation..but came out out with…A Flirt..and that’s was hilarous…yes..that would be a good description …if you are ever in Jacksonville..and want home cooked food go to Angie’s Place…highly recommended by ME…then it was off to junk stores…she scored again..I would be on the road all the time if I lived there…they have a lot of good places..found some awesome stuff and then we went to the pottery..and guess what I found..some colored floral tape for my dolls…AWESOME…what a great trip and FunTime with my friend Kelly..thank you for an awesome visit…so when I got Home,I was telling Santa about the illameter and he said I knew that about you too..Really?..so peeps I have an illameter..have y’all got one?

This morning the RAIN has finally arrived…it is pouring and I had another adventure planned..oh well..two ventures I guess is enough…got to get back to my dolls..didn’t get an email yet from the market of where I will be..I guess you may have your own pick if the rain don’t stop…it maybe a slow day tomorrow…but I will be there…and I know there will be some diehard fans coming…I thank them for there loyalty ..

Everybodys up kinda early this morning…the Wheelie is a creaking and Santa was wanting his morning cup of RV coffee..already…bedtime will be early tonight…

That’s all I got…sending you a dry spot in your given day…it’s Friday folks ..lets get this weekend started…imageScreamin’Peacock..imageride the ride of life..God as your pilot


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