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And the Rain has come…

PeCaPeCa…and the rainy day for me was a perfect day to play dolls…started one..had to stop and make some hair…finish her up today…I had a great day yesterday even with the rain…the Pig Run was the best..got some great meats for the freezer and a couple treats for Daddy n Santa…it’s all good in the Jack n the Box..

heres apic of my new clocks..ones a neon ..my new night light me so I won’t step in P in the middle of the night…image

and I got two new old chairs for dining room and changed to my fall table arrangement..already got barbque sauce on the runner…lol..imagethe chairs swivel…kool..

setting myself up Β for AD…

Short Story…when you see a road blocked off ..do you proceed anyway..of course you don’t but….image.Jack Smths creek where I live was flooded over and a baracade was put up..did that stop them ..Oh No…I saw at least five cars and a truck flood out…πŸ‘’S up to the crazies…

And I knew two of them crazies…sometimes the baracade knows best…

thats all I got…sending you a dry happy spot in your given day…imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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