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As I Say…

PeCaPeCa…New Month…New Day..lets get it started…

Sometimes I surprize myself on making my dolls..I made three in two days….and we do have conversations as I am making them..Magic?…in them..maybe so…a lot of love in them?..indeed..sent to the one that she picks out for her new Home…if you notice…there are no eyes in nine out of ten of them…eyes are the windows to the soul…I know my story with them but only you can give her the true meaning in her…What she speaks to you when you pick her out of the crowd…

Ms.Jettie Simmons…is her name…she was my first friend before I started school…she passed away not to long ago..at the age of ninety two…always a purse..pearls and scarf…Always dressed to the nines..even when babysitting and housecleaning…did you have a friend like that when you were growing up…my first train ride..

image image

And there’s Miss Mingo..with her Flamingo…image image..what Fun I do have in Deb-ER-K World…

call me Crazy..I wear that badge with Pride…

And I goodnite sleep I had…no bathroom run..no dog waking me up…Ahhh!..the small things is what matters…but I did have to clean to P floods when I did wake up…

thats all I got…sending you that new day to get it right..LIFE…imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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