Dare I Say?..

It’s 🐫🐪 Day…

PeCaPeCa…How bout that wonderful cool day yesterday?…and I think another today…Please still keep those in your prayers of the horrific flooding…We here dodged the bullet this time…already given my Thanx to God…

I have been collecting alittle Christmas trinkets along the way for the past couple of months so since MumFest is this weekend I thought I would give some Christmas Crafts a whirl…What you think?…

image image image image imageSo I will have Dolls…Fall..Halloween and Christmas on my table this weekend…Come by and see me…don’t quite were I will be in the line up…let you know Friday’s blog…the weather person is calling it a great weekend…

I feel alittle better today…I guess something just creeped up on me for the last couple days..if you happen to get the bug..it shall soon pass…

Well..the guys are getting there special monthly treat tonight for supper…Steak and trimmings…they are excited…the Pig had a great buy on Steaks last week so I pick out some good ones..

Oh..I killed my goldfish Sunday…it’s not the first time…so..I got some replacements..Fantail this time and only two…so far they are still swimming…I hate it when I do something stupid ..I get them to a certain size and then..death comes…wish them luck…

thats all I got…wheelie is a wheeling and that’s my Q to do….imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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