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PeCaPeCa….yes..Inspiration comes from out of nowhere…and you can’t look and know someone’s needs…yes..maybe their clothes aren’t quite right..their hair is long..short..messy..they are walking instead riding…some needs are from the inside…a kind word…a kind jesture…or just an ear to listen…everyone has a story…I thank all of you for lending that ear…Today is a brand new day that I was given…and I will do my best to live it…Feeling uplifted…

And I am going to have my Jonboy for four days…he’s got a job to do here in New Bern…so mama gets to spend some time with her boy..See…God sends you what you need at that time…at that moment ..

he gives you Hope and Inspiration…

Well..I did to one more craft project to sell…another snowman…imagecutie..

And my place at the market will be Number six table….closer up front..I’m getting excited..hoping for a great weekend at the MumFest…if you haven’t planned to go..Please..reconsider. ..I totally get the parking…crowds…don’t let that stop your Fun with Family n Friends…and  if you don’t have a lot of dollars….just pack a lunch and have a picnic on the waterfront…can’t buy trinkets…it’s ok..just come out and see what our MumFest is all about…

thats all I got…sending you that inspiration to make your day the best..imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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