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The Day is here….

PeCaPeCa…Yes…my big day is here…The MumFest…it’s going to be a long day but I am willing to go the distance…car is packed…lunch is packed..RV coffee is ‘strong n hot’ and so am I..LOL..but one thing..where’s that cool air….it is not Cold outside and my outfit is going to be hot..now I have to change my plan on that one..and no rain yet…the weather person didn’t quite get that one right…not going to dampen my morn…I am Ready…

My Jonboy finely got here after a late night of working…fixed him some supper..PorchTime and talk and laughing…such a good boy ..my JonBoy…I do love my boys..

I happened to stop by the Sally Store..I have been looking a large vase for my peacock feather collection…Bam!..there it was…three dollars…imageperfect…

thats all I got..got to get ready…sending you a happy Saturday…don’t forget..take a ride downtown for all the goings on..MumFest…Farmers Market and just visit our Sweet Town…imageimage


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