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PeCaPeCa…I got up early to see my Jonboy off…last day of work here and then he goes back to his reality and I ..mine…it was fun sitting and chit chatting about all the things that we have done and gone though …a lot of laughing..just a real nice visit I had with my Jonboy..it was nice being a mama again…if only for a few days….I was given two of my greatest gifts of Life….My Boys..God is good…and I thank him everyday….

I went to the Sally Store yesterday..just to get out a bit…Scored me a few winter clothes…two doll boxes and a Christmas present for Gail or Amy L…don’t know which one will receive it..I will have to wait and see if I find another surprize …I was telling my Jonboy about gift giving this year..you may get one or you may not..depends all on the Sally Store…a big LOL!…that is…cause that’s where I shop…only..

No gifts for us please…all I want is everyone to be Happy…my mom use to tell me that and I never understood…til now..there are no amount of dollars that can buy that..the present is a moment of happiness..true happiness is a life time gift..

Today..I feel sure it’s going to be a Wally World trip with Daddy..he wanted to go yesterday but I talked him out of it cause of the rain..I promised it would be today..he has a image..so look out Wally World..here we come…

I’m going to try my hand at clay faces again for my Christmas elf dolls..I use to make them all the time..for my woodland creatures…got to wait till payday..so I’ll keep you posted on that craft…

land I am looking a small birdcage…seen any?…I want it for a doll..it goes under her dress…four or five inch cage..let me know if you see any…cheap..please…

i also worked on my big witch..she was having trouble standing up soooooo she’s a flyer now..really kool looking..she has a bat on her back…image image

i didn’t realize Halloween was on a Saturday…the Farmers Market ought to be a really kool place to bring the kids…all the vendors are suppose to dress up and have candy at their booths…I am a team player sooo I will   be dressed out in full Peacock Form and full of candy…keep that in your memory bank..yes..I have a Peacock coat…does that surprize you…

thats all I got…sending you nice thoughts in your day given…imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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