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Market Time….

PeCaPeCa…haven’t looked outside yet…is it raining?..still not going to rain on my parade…I am up for the game …thanx for all your encouragement…my peeps rock…

I have eggs and something new added…COLLARDS…come get you some…they are two pound bundles..got see when I get there to see my price…grocery store is two bucks a pound..I’m thinking ..$1.50..a pound so mine would be..$3.00 for two pound bundle…daddy cooked some yesterday..they are pretty good..I am know collard conisiuer..yes that is misspelled but get the jest..

finished my Snowman…what you think?…image…he looks like one of those cakes called snowballs..remember those…

thats all I got..cause I got to go get my crap ready…hope to see some of my peeps today…👍’S up to all the crazies…Screamin’Peacockimageridin’ the ride


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