Powerful Day..

PeCaPeCa…I was off the grid for about a half a day yesterday at the Market…Gail brought me my phone later…Now the Market yesterday was very strange…there were only to farmers there and the whole place took on a different Ora…these peeps were shoppers for trinkets and crafts ..It was amazing…I had the best peep vendors I could possibly have around me…everyone sold all day..even me…sold all my eggs of course…little bit of collards and two dolls…and you know what else..not one peep looked at my Christmas..they were interested in my girls…go figure…lots of promises and a commission job..so all in all..it was a fantastic day..and FUN…

I have been missing my Amy L. a lot…she has some things going on in Life so we kinda have been a part..only God knows the answers…a true test of Faith it is….anyway ..this lady across from me was new and guess what she makes…Paper stuff like Amy…it was God sent for that lady to be across from me…I thought of my Amy L. All day…and this lady SOLD like crazy…I was so happy for her…she was a first timer..and she was sweet like my Amy L…also

My table looked awesome with my new stands..no pics…

my commission job is to make a devil for advertising Hot Salsa…I may have to go deep in my soul to get that devilish deborah..imagination to come out..or maybe not..it maybe right on the surface…LOL!

im excited I was even ask..and excited to try new things….going to get started today…money is money..making a devil or not…

pancakes and bacon is on the menu on this Beautiful Sunday morning…the guys are excited….

and I slept in til seven this morning…it was awesome…that’s all I got…sending you a Super Awesome Sunday…👍’S up to all the crazies…Screamin’Peacock..imageridin’ the ride


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