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Another Monday…

PeCaPeCa…Yes..he gives us another Monday and hopeful another week to be…lets do this….

yesterday was another marvelous Sunday with Santa…I was on a mission to find some flea powder..I have tried everything else why not….come to find out,..flea powder is on its way out…it is becoming of the Old Way…finally after four stores..we went to Bill’s..he had about three left…and it seems to be helping Bear from Chewing..maybe choking him..but at least he ain’t chewing….

I decided after that to finish my reindeer…this will be probably the one in only…so it’s a rare piece…LOL!…

LuLu….image image image..Rudoff’s baby sister…And she even stands by herself and that’s a feat in itself…LOL!

Remember the Devil someone ask for…well..I went to my dark side…image image image…hope she likes it..if not he will be on my table for sell…

all in all it was a sweet peaceful Sunday for the Jack n the Box…Today..is open for anything…have no plans..it’s mistily rain and messy but a BoTime Run…I have to make…Daddy is up n ready …that’s all I got…sending you a super Monday to start the week off right…👍’S up to all the crazies…Screamin’Peacock



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