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Easy Sunday Morn’

PeCaPeCa…First frost this morning..it’s so nice and Cool outside…Loving it…How Bout You?

Yesterday at the Market was mighty fine and FUN….I sold snowman…LuLu the reindeer…and got paid for the devil…sold all my eggs and that was in the first two hours of my day…and the rest of the day was laughing..hanging out..and watching peeps smile over the Christmas Crewds..especially the men…they were funny to watch..they would drag there wife over and say..now this is a true Christmas elf..it always surprizes me about the men admiring my stuff…the market was packed..I even heard a couple of people say..it was way better than the Christmas craft show…down at the convention center…I was Proud…

Look were the Devil landed…at R Garden…image

and my lil LuLu has a happy spot….image…all my friends at the market are advertising for me..FREE…they all have bought something from me and has put it at their booth…Deb-er-K always makes herself known…LOL!…

my guys are going to be disappointed this morning….no Sausage…it’s going to be grits n toast..don’t think that’s going to go over well…

remember Paris in your prayers today..they suffered a great loss…My husband is from a small town close to Paris…he still has family over there…

Lthats all I got…sending you a Easy Sunday Morn’…be Thankful…always…imageScreamin’Peacockimage


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