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Not in Kansas…

PeCaPeCa….I left for my Amy L.’s yesterday to surprize her…and she was not ready for me to be here…she had to go grocery shopping for my special stuff…it was still a nice surprize…LOL!…I’m here to make sure Katy doesn’t fall down or run into walls as she is crazy on meds for pain..it affects us all different..and come to find out..I’m here to cook suppers also…for everybody….G’s…I was looking forward to not having to cook for a few days….this is not a vacation… And of all things..Goodegg wants Fried Pork Chops….but..I am up for my duties…this is what I’m here for…it’s all about what you can do for your Family…

I did bring my Crafting basket…maybe I can get a couple things made….I plan to put my regular dolls on sale after Thanksgiving…need to move out some inventory…I got another B in my Bonnet of new ideas…

Thats all I got…sending you an awesome …yep…🐪 Hump Day….



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