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Finally Finished….

PeCaPeCa…I finished all my ornaments and throw in a Snowman…still have one more ornament but somewhere along the way of this WordPress World it’s lost…but I know you get the jest…and yet again I can’t get below the pic to finish my story…this makes me very unstable….

someone posted this yesterday..and I thought it fit me well…do you relate to it…image

And now it straightens itself out…I am below the pics…Geee’s…

Today is home cleaning day…I must do this today cause payday is tomorrow and I got some shopping to do…for our Thanksgiving Dinner…got my Bird already just need a few trimmings..Thanx Givin’ should be everyday…Thanksgiving is that one special Family Day…I hope for all …you get at least a bite of Turk and a huge blessing on that day…That’s  all I got…sending you a terrific Tuesday…Screamin’Peacock


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