Happy Thanksgiving

PeCaPeCa….I have already gave my thanx givin to my God this morning for…the peeps he continues to put in my life to make it richer…the peeps he takes out that no longer serve a purpose..My Sons..that are a constant gift…My sisters..whom I could not do what I do without them…my Jack n the Box..some things are broken but it still keeps me warm..safe..and loved…my Santa…who constantly loves all of ME…and to still have Daddy present…to make me laugh..still learn things..and of course get on my nerves some..my special friends..that have been in n out of my life and they still stand strong for Deb-er-K…the list goes on forever…I am truly blessed…and have a very good life…All because I believe of the higher power…Amen…

Happy Thanksgiving to all from TayTaysFancyPantsEmporium….

count your blessings..name them one by one..you will be amazed…Screamin’Peacock..

Ridin the ri


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