Always Baking….

PeCaPeCa…Daddy is the happiest when he’s in the kitchen…I hope God has a special place for Master Bakers up there…look at his BoTime Coconut that’s a masterpiece..he did this one all by himself…Awesome…so if you’re planning to go for just might get a slice

And I went ahead and put my next two subjects in there…got my Christmas toes done and I made an extra Brown girl is the clay head and the other is the styro ball I use..I didn’t ask the lady which she preferred now she has a choice…we like choices ..don’t we?..

i annouced yesterday on could come shop at the house if you can’t get to the market on Saturdays..just call first to see when we can setup an appointment…5147085…and Saturday..I am going to offer five dollars off the regular dolls…Christmas sale…just on the regular dolls not my Crewds…so come on downtown and get that special gift…

the razor is a buzzing..that’s my Q to do…sending you a special moment in your Tuesday…


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