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PeCaPeCa….yep..Tuesday’s Market Day was great for Screamin’Peacock Dolls and Crewds…one lady that has stopped by my booth many times with a friend and has told me…these are very interesting but not my cup of tea so to speak…and I would always reply..they either speak to you or not…You won’t believe this…she bought FOUR yesterday for Christmas presents…she said they kinda grow on you…We just laughed…two Christmas Crewds and two regular Screamin’Peacock dolls…they will be going all around the States…and one of my oldest friends bought her niece one for Christmas…and also I throwed in a Crewd Ornament…she posted a pic on Facebook for me ..he has a special spot on her tree…Thanx..Amber…

and I gave two Christmas Crewd Ornaments as gifts to two of my favorite vendors…they are sooo supportive of my craft..

as some may know..I love nature and love to create things from nature..so my vendor friend sent me a pic of her atomically correct reindeer…Too Funny…God does have a sense of Humor for us to enjoy…pic below..cause I ain’t through writing..I haven’t figured out this new setup on word press…

i am going to be very buzy today…I got laundry up the yang…we had fresh beds yesterday and plus all the other stuff to wash…but I will be crafting in between times…got to make the donuts…remember that commercial…LOL!

oh…could it be…oh..yes..it is…Happy 🐫πŸͺ🐫πŸͺ🐫πŸͺ🐫πŸͺDay…that’s all I got…sending you a Wonderful Wednesday…πŸ‘’SUp to all the crazies…Screamin’Peacock





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