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It was a good Day…

PeCaPeCa…yep..got all my laundry done…made a couple Elfies…and a special friend came by to get a couple Christmas Crewds as a present for some special guys in Tennessee and we had the best hamburgers for supper…it was a good day…Oh…and Santa and I went and got some fill in dirt for the driveway…manual labor like to have killed us both…suppose to go and get another load today if it don’t rain…or if we can move…LOL!

My Woodland Elfies names are…Dew..and Fernado…and yes they all have duties of the Forest…just like the Crewds…everything and everyone has purpose…

Today..I have to take the worm dog to the Vet…she will be getting a shot..it really doesn’t help her skin but it satisfies Daddy…and I am sure there will be an adventure afterwards with him somewhere…LOL…the PIG…that’s all I got…sending you the bestest Thursday…👍’S Up to all the crazies..Screamin’Peacockimage


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