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Christmas Cheer…

PeCaPeCa…..A Christmas Day I had at the Market…my Crewds and dolls where the hit yesterday and also the Free Homemade Fudge…it was almost as Fun watching their faces put that fudge in their mouth as it is watching their smiles looking at my dolls…I think I may start selling some Fudge bags for the month of January…four pieces for Two bucks…what ya think?…I think Yes..gotta make them dollars…

I had ask God for some extra Love n Grace to deal with some Vendors and that was given..I stood my ground in mirrored Love…and I gave Thanks at the end if my Day…that was my last day til the New Year..it has been an awesome five months at the Market…Oh…I even sold one of my Woodland Elfies and I didn’t even take them…I called Santa and he delivered it to her…Kool..

Today I am going to bag up my Christmas presents for the Wanchese Family..we are having Christmas Monday or Tuesday with them..already sent some of  the Oklahoma family theirs..more in the mail later…

I just love a no stress Christmas…

And that same friend came back for one more doll…that makes about nine she has bought…she’s a FAN…lookout peeps..you may being getting one for Christmas…lol

Oh…I didn’t know til yesterday how obsessed people were over the name tags…what’s this ones name…mine don’t have a tag..what’s her name..if I buy her you got to give me a name…Too Funny…

thats all I got…sending a sweet Sunday Morn’…Santa said its COLD outside…👍’S UP to all the crazies…

In his Delight…Screamin’Peacockimage




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