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It’s Monday….

PeCaPeCa….it was a lovely Sunday in the Jack n the Box…made three batches of Fudge…cooked Sausage Hash for Breakfast and tackled a small part of a big job ahead of us…we are having to rip carpet out a piece at a time to put a new floor in our bedroom first of the year…I started ripping my side …and washing walls for fresh paint…Oh Happy Day..the construction crew is back…my mama use to say …if you want something tore out or cleaned up …call Big Jean’ and Deber K…and get someone else to put it back…LOL!

if we get this done..I only have two rooms left to paint and one room of carpet left…Daddys room..that will have to wait AD…

well…I had alittle time on my hands last night…Daddy bought two flowers in remembrance of MaMa and Russell so I decided to decorate with my Crewds and flowers…pics below…it all turned out so cute…

thats all all I got..enjoy the pic show…sending you a stress free Monday

In his DELIGHT ..I a want to be…ScreaminPeacock…image



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