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Here to say…IT’S… MONDAY…

PeCaPeCa…one more Hoilday and it will be back to normal round here but Today is undecorating day for Santa and I…we got work to get started on…new floor in our Bedroom…went to Lowes yesterday to get our best and cheapest option…we have a Plan..don’t need any help…any advice…and I don’t need a certain someone to tell us..this is a can of worms..house…we already know this… I’m not sleeping on the dirt..it needs to be done…right or wrong…it’s Big Jean’ and Deb er K way…unless someone else is paying and doing then I will step away..

just puttin’ all that out there…

bunch of tateltellers…

Anyway…the new year is almost here…don’t know what it will bring..I do know I’m ready to live it…2016…Bring it on….

thats all I got …sending you a super safe Monday…


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