Uncle Jess and Lotus

PeCaPeCa…I had a great day of creating yesterday…no laundry..no housecleaning…just crafting…and I came up with Uncle Jess that lives down by Jack Smith Creek…invites you to sit a spell and listen to his music…And Lotus invites you to sit and rest in her magical place…

She is removeable to play with …that makes four new things to take to the market Saturday…I’m excited to see the reaction to these..

My Jonboy is leaving today..sure have enjoyed having him home..he loved his hot meals after a hard day of work in the cold…we had cream dried beef last night..be safe going home my jonboy…mom loves you..

oh..I have a few peeps ask how I come up with the beginning of the dolls..sometimes it’s a pin..flower…bass fiddle..etc..so I am starting a new scene today and I have collected all the trinkets..some I will use and some I may not and some I may add….this is the beginning of Rosetta..like the reading helper… Rosetta Stone…Rosetta Reader …that’s all I got…sorry the pics are not in order..sometimes it doesn’t and sometime it don’t…👍’S up to the crazies…sending you a creative day…Screamin’Peacock…imageimage



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