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Truly Blessed…I am

PeCaPeCa…Expectations were not high yesterday at the Market but my Fun level is always above and beyond…And it was another unbelievable day..sold four dolls and they are coming back for more next Saturday..everyone loved the Woodland Characters..they were a hit..

God has a plan for you and me and he laid one out for me yesterday…a lady therapist bought one of my dolls and ask if I would be interested in a workshop for some of her patients..I kinda did the deer in the headlights thing and she could tell I was stunted so she said we will talk more and I have your card…Ok..I have always been the one they said needed help..not giving anyone help…LOL!..then I was approached to give something for a auction to help service men and women spouses..that’s in March…

And I was commissioned to make a RedHead and you know I Love a Redhead…I worked on her last night..this lady’s friend is fighting for her life…she has Cancer..she thought one of my inspirational dolls would give her alittle sparkle…I have sold a few to Cancer patients in the passed..it’s an Honor to give someone that sparkle back…

dont know her name…but here’s her sparkle…

And I always tell peeps ..if I don’t capture what you want..it’s not a problem..you don’t have to buy cause I still can sell..doesn’t hurt my feelings at all..and my Word is my bond…Daddy always instilled that in me…

and then there’s these happy faces…with their new grandbabby Jessie Wayne…I am so Happy for them..they are so deserving …

Now this pic is the Hoot of the day…Gail and Meeko strolling in the mall..Meeko got a new ride for Christmas..and if you don’t know who Meeko is..it’s Gail’s JOY …Dog…LOL…Got To LOVE this Family…

Eggs were not a good seller for me yesterday..I had eleven dozen..sold only five…got to put my sign back out in front of the house this week..


thats all all I got…sending you a blessed day…find some peace today..

👍’s up to all the crazies…Screamin’Peacock…In his”Delight”..I want to be



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