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At it again…

PeCaPeCa…great Monday…did alittle crafting..Winter Queen Ruby around Jack Smith Creek …and Stump..he’s lost a couple toes…from sticking his feet in the water and got into his Music before he realized something had nibbled them off…LOL…Pics below…

And  we had Pot Roast..potatoes n carrots..I decided to invite My Gail and Papa Bear for supper…Gail was the only one available so here she came…we really enjoyed the FamilyTime..I may surprize them again…it was Fun…especially when someone else does the cooking..Gail liked that part…LOL!…I even bought some candy for the candy dishes..so we would have dessert…Gail and a few others loves it when the candy dishes are full…

Today Big Jean’ and I have dueling doc appointments…same doc..mine is at eight and his is at eight fifteen…too funny…

One more elfie to make and then I have clean up my Stands and make a few more of them..BORING but the small things have to be done…

thats all I got…sending a thankful Tuesday…👍’S up to all the crazies…Screamin’Peacock..n his ‘Delight’I want to be and stay…

Winter QueenRuby comes off her stand to play..Stump does not..image




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