Ridin’ the Ride…..

PeCaPeCa….The traffic Saturday at the Market was a bit slow…had some Hot Spots a couple times with the dolls…everyone was at awe with the new stuff..I made two sales…Twilla and Nettie Nester…SOLD….went to a very Happy Home…as I was listening to one couples view on Stump…I ask him to repeat what he saw…A Bravarin Beer Drinker…Hmmm! Interesting…he said it would look real cute in his Brewery 99..on Broad Street…he could be yours if you pull that wallet out..we laughed..nice guy…I did go by to see where exactly it was…some of my old stomping grounds it was..I am not a beer drinker never have been but it was a cute place to go…if I was..

So many faces do I see every Saturday…I try to pick out which ones looks like my dolls..and also get ideas of making more…

Is this crazy or what ?…after supper..I couldn’t hardly wait to start a new doll..as I sat there..I thought to myself..How crazy is this…stop..stop..go rest…so I did..and the first thing I thought of this morning was to finish her…I am obsessed …but she’s a cutie…she loves and feeds her cat way to much…You’ll see in a day or two…her name is Camille..Crazy CatLady…

And I have got to order more cards..maybe ten out of a hundred left…I use them now for the name tags..and I got mesons nicer bags rather the Pig ones..LOL…

thats all I got…sending you a day of Peace..👍’S up to all the crazies…Screamin’Peacock..in his ‘Delight’..I hope for all





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