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PeCaPeCa…doesn’t get any better Title than that….

Santa and I will be playing and shopping today…Wally World…Lowe’s ..Sally Store..and anywhere else our hearts desire…this happens only once a month and we have a good time…I’m wanting a good Steak for Supper.. Santa’s wanting a new pair of shoes…so be it…

Yesterdays mammogram was quicker than I thought..this lady throwed them things up there ..smashed and I was done…not a whole lot of foreplay with her…LOL!..so many women hate this but it really isn’t a big deal…just do it…

well…I finally finished Ester Easter…sometimes you just have to wait for the right pieces..and God always surprizes me sometimes with the right piece..I have been hunting a small basket for eggs and some colored eggs small enough for the scene..Bam!..yesterday was the day..and I spent two dollars…love it when a plan comes together…and I made the lil rabbit…I am so excited bout Saturday’s Market..got new stuff and I get to give Soo’ her gift…image

thatsall I got cause I got to get ready for Wally World…sending you a Happy 🐪🐫🐪🐫Day…👍’S Up to ALL the crazies…Screamin’Peacock…

He always got your back…


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