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Never a Disappointment…

PeCaPeCa…Yep…I had another good day at the Market…I try to go with the reality..I may not sell any but deep down you want to sell as much as you can…Human nature..does take over us all..My expectations were very high yesterday cause I had those two special ones to give…Cupcake peeps were a no show…I was very sad…and my Frey guy didn’t come by either…but I still put them on my table with a sold tag on them to show them off…it was a great crowd of Peeps yesterday…and Yes…Raven Reader Writer caught this woman’s eye …I thought she was going to pass out before she could firgure out a way to get this doll…she was sweating..her face was red and she even said..I feel faint…she has to be mine…I take cash only and all she had was her debit card…well..my Happy Hot Hat Lady said she can charge it on my Square and I will give you the cash…all solved..I mean to tell you this Lady wanted this doll..she kept saying..you mean I get all this for twenty five dollars…books?…yes…shelf?..yes..Doll?..yes…all this?…yes…she was too funny…she said it was going on her mantle by her reading chair…then I told her it would hang..thought she was going to flip out…she left my table a Big Fan of my Craft…image

then this older couple came strolling by and stopped at my hanging fairies…remember  Swinging on the moon…well they went to get their daughter (which she was my age)and said is this not the perfect gift for you…bought it without a second thought..

.I just love it when the buyer can relate to my stuff and see something in themselves in my work..that’s my whole idea coming to life in that moment…God is good…

my Whole day was like that..the stories and peeps personal battles just seem to flow at my table..and I just Listen…cause everyone has a story …all you have to do is to be willing to listen…and for a fleeting moment..they Smile…

And I sold ten dozen eggs yesterday…a record sale..

after the market..I decided to stop by Brewery 99 …to give Frey his trinket…the place was packed with guys…a perfect moment to give Frey his gift…everyone loved it

Frey was Speechless..he couldn’t understand..Why?…I told him..it’s what I do…..welcome to Deb er K World…another successful moment for me….

Santa told me as I was making some of these special scenes..that everybody is going to want something and he’s right..two vendors ask me for something yesterday…I’m totally Honored…we’ll see what I can do…can’t do pressure…stoves up my creativity..take it as it comes…

Finally have made peace with the Lady that was the rule cryer..she even gave me a bag of craft crap….feels good…thank you God for handling the craziness…it makes for a better Ora …lay it truly at his feet and he WILL take care of it..that’s what I have learned…

thats all I got today…sending you that special moment in your day given…Screamin’Peacock

He’s always watching over us








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