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Great Monday…

PeCaPeCa….It was a great Monday I had…I got my Craft On…and I must say…I Like it..I like it a lot and if you could see these girls..you would say spot on…and I’m hoping they will like it also…Sunday night everytime I woke up I thought of this piece..what would be a unique thing for a base…and Bam!…it came to me..I couldn’t wait to go on my outing for the Hunt…and then I thought..how expense are these things..cause I have never bought one or even used one..My Mother had about twenty of them and I have passed all of them but one to my sisters and if I used the one I have left..surely Daddy would want to use it..it has happened before when I got rid of something…so …..off I went…Five dollars and Fifty cents…I could do that price…when I was ask to do this…I wasn’t sure about it cause everybody would expect me to do a Fat Pastry Chef…So I did the unexpected…Are you ready to see?…I even made the Bread..image

And I got a late Christmas Present from a lil friend in Oklahoma..Nicole..Thanx..love it..when peeps see peacocks…Deb er K…always comes to mind and I like it..I like it a lot…I will never be forgotten after I’m gone…it never gets old to me…when peeps send me anything Peacock…image

And I got my Heart doc report back on my blood work…everything is good..😜…

I think she said Normal..and I was only told that once before..that I was Normal by a dear friend..LOL!…been soaring ever since…cause everyone else calls me Crazy…

Today I will be working on a Spring Doll..already got the base done…haven’t quite decided on the dress and hair yet but I know something will come to me on my outing..Yes.. It seems I have to have an outing everyday also…LOL!..they all say I am just a small version of Daddy…Santa says..I look like my Daddy coming towards him …and my mom from behind…I have her flat butt and boobs..Too Funny!image

thats all I got…sending you a fantastic Tuesday



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